"Where I started and where I'm headed"

My name is Siddhi, a drummer by passion and a performer by nature.

I’ve had quite an artistic upbringing and have grown up immersed in dancing, painting and making various arts & crafts as few of my many hobbies. I soon came to perceive art, as a true form of expression before I embarked on my musical journey.

Having had made up my mind at a very early age to be a “master of my own will”, I started a handicrafts brand by the name Dark Reflections in 2010.I have been a rock and metal music fan since my early teens, and thus developed a keen interest in the drums until I finally saved up to buy one by the age of 18 and have been thrashing them ever since

I further pursued this interest by doing a Diploma in Music Performance from Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music, Chennai ; before and after which I have been playing with several projects and have been teaching drumming privately by the name DrumCore

Currently, I am a freelancing drummer & percussionist, playing & touring with select independent artists and bands, and collaborating for some online projects as well. I also do film &ad shoots as a female drummer.